Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zest in Life

I love the way my days are going lately. After I sort of make a commitment to blog as much as possible and study photography at the same time, there's this kind of energy that runs through my spine. It's the new learnings that kick the interest out of me. 

I'm a sucker for new learnings ever since. Maybe that explains of my surreal enjoyment of reading books, magazines and blogs. From health books to fashion books to travel blogs, I greatly enjoy.  I'm in my comfort zone each time I read, traveling along with the writer's idea. I'm ecstatic every time I learned something new. My mama used to have an old joke on me when I was young that goes, "if you were born in world war era, you might probably be holding a book despite a bomb exploding outside our house". My love for books started when I was still young. I remember back when I was in grade 1, I was a little way ahead of my classmates in terms of reading, that our teacher asked my help to teach them how to read Little Red Hen every afternoon. And during PTA meetings in school, I was often asked to read on something, short stories or poem as an intermission number. My love of reading is deeply rooted in my family. My father is a bookworm, so are my uncles, auntie and cousins on father side. So that explains quite well. 

It's in learning on something new that hooked me to reading.  That's why when @joiye sent 600++ iBooks for my iPad, I was literally jumping up & down. Heaven. Thank you so much @joiye.

I don't limit my acquisition of knowledge to books. That passion to learn buds to my love in trying food that I haven't tasted before. The more weird the name, the more eager I'd like to try. I have my favorite food, yes, but I'm not afraid to taste on something new. I took every dine in opportunity to try on something new to my palate. Though lately, I'm trying to get away with meat for health reasons. 

    My Uncle Chuck and his family in their visit to Philippines last 2010. We dined in at Italianis. 

That also explains my dream to travel to new places, may it be local or international, when time permits. One day, God willing. Going to new places brings learning to a new level. There's no compromise to it. More than what you can learn from cyberseeing (thanks to those people posting their travel photos), which I often do. I make myself die for envy, no...make myself inspired :-)
Singapore is one of the most memorable places I've been to, my very 1st out of country trip. I love the place!

Dubai is the place I would like to explore more. Love the infrastructure and huge malls!

It's the 'adding something new to my brain cells' and new experiences that give zest to my everyday life. It's in my dream and hope to everyone who reads my blog to learn something too, with God's help.  


  1. I guess we're related:, haha! You see, as I was reading your blog it felt like you're writing my own thoughts and feelings. YES! to reading, YES! to photography, YES! to different cuisines, YES! to traveling. There's always a different high when you're doing something new, eating something different, and exploring new places and being in the middle of different dialects/languages. <3 it!!!

  2. Thank you so much ate sheila for reading my blog :-)

  3. Oh nakapunta ka ng dubai? its a perfect place to take photos, specially the buildings and man made structures, lalo na sa gabi the lighting effects are perfect, its also a good time to practive long exposure shots or night shots, when ka pumunta dito and how long did you stay?

  4. Yes, I went to Dubai last 2008. It was brief yet very memorable. Super ganda ng infrastructures... I love the place. Sana makabalik ako dyan. :-)

  5. Talaga naman, andyan na ako sa time na yan :) it is a very nice place, especially for photographers, have you tried the desert safari?