Monday, December 13, 2010

A Blog From Ipad

Yes, the title of this blog just goes that way, as straight forward as it can be. I have to document this day when I received my iPad 32 GB 3GS because I want to reminisce in the future Godwilling, how technology went at this time. I know this will be obselete in few years time, and i wonder what brilliant gadgets will be coming out in the future? It would be an improved, more 'high-tech' toy I reckon. There will be an iPad with videeocamera coming out very soon, I know. But for now, I am very well contented of my iPad. I waited for more than two weeks for it to arrive. It was bought in the US and the person who hand carried it arrived just today, two weeks after it was bought. Oh the agony of waiting, arrrg! I'm absolutely very bad when it comes to waiting, but I was forced to. Nevertheless, when it arrived I was definitely ecstatic! The smell of a new gadget, soooo addicting! So here I am, swiping, playing, tweeting, blogging using my iPad, and so far so good. Together with my macbook pro and iphone 4, Thanks be to God for these and for the love of my Uncle Chuck. :-))

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friends Through Time

I'm blessed with good people around me, and I thank God for them. In this blog, I would like to talk about my friends for almost a decade now- the dubbing girls!  Oh how time flies! It seemed like it was just yesterday that we giddily talked and laughed each time we got the chance to be together. I remember  so vividly how all of you took care of me. I was such a babe then, but you never let me feel I was a burden, instead each one of you unselfishly did something to be there for me. I wont forget those times during PBK that you reserved water for me to bathe. For those who know how scarce water is during PSD and PBK, you'll understand how convenient it will be if somebody will fetch a water for you. The bed that you prepared for me was the best at that time. The food that we shared were the yummiest food, even how simple those meals were, because you prepared it with love. Oh well, I'm being mushy and teary-eyed now, but it is true. It's with you girls whom I genuinely felt what truest friends are. Our friendship began in random, we have nothing in common but our faith and fondness of simplicity of things. The friendship that we have is not withered by season & time. Even how long we haven't been talking, when we see each other, we picked up where we left right away, no gap created over time,... just a strong bond of friendship. It was with you that I felt  no matter what I do, at my worst self, you remain my friends. And you never fail to make me smile, even for such silly things, and brightened even the most gloomy days. There are so many things you've done to me not mentioned here, but everything has been kept in my heart. I am always thankful that I found a friendship with you. You all taught me how to be simple and contented, how to treat a friend and over time to remain a great friend. 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything. and I love you all!

It was with great regret that we never got the chance to be together as often as we would like. I miss you so badly.