Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let The Lesson Begins...

Kuya Daniel (yes, the CEO of UNTV, the notable broadcast journalist, Mr. Daniel Razon) is one brilliant photographer. Oh well his genes speak for it as he is the grandson of Bob Razon, a renowned photographer of socialites and actors way back in the 50's or 60's. I know Kuya Daniel and his family personally. Lucky me, rubbing elbows with the famous! Hehe. But I know them in a very personal level, that I often forget they are that famous. They are the most down to earth celebrities.

Kuya Daniel, ate Arlene (Kuya's wife), and me in one of our out of country trips. This couple is THE nicest, I mean, nicest nicest couple in the world, beyond words! 

                   Here is Kuya, using his underwater camera. Photo taken by Datgirl

So this morning, Kuya learned my recent purchase of second hand Nikon D60. He gave his insights and some tips on photography. He promised to teach me more when he has spare time. I hope I could grab a little of his uber hectic schedule, God permits. I'm the luckiest to get a lesson from him, for free!!! :-) But for now, he's too nice to lend me some of his basic digital photography books.

Thank you so much Kuya Daniel for these books and for everything :-) Let the lesson begin to this very eager student. :-))


  1. happy new year,doktora! waa pa jud magkita ug usab,4 months na ko diri sa manila.

  2. enjoy reading the books sis!
    share the knowledge to us in laymans term..haha
    minsan mas ok kasi magbasa ng blogs instead of books. hihi :)