Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stormy Days

There are times in our lives, when even how much we tried to sail smoothly, inevitably there were waves and rough roads along the way. Those unintentional, unexpected oh-so-not-good times that saddened you beyond words. Sigh. How I wish these difficult circumstances never came. But that couldn't be. Humans are bound to commit mistakes and being judged. How my heart breaks when so many things, untrue or partly misunderstood, have been said. Human instinct is to defend yourself, hide in your comfort zone or doze away from the nerve wracking misfortune. But you can't just defend yourself or go away from problems. Life is not at all easy. You have to face and stand firm on stormy days. So here I am, almost got drowned from life's crooked trail, but with God's help and mercy, barely managed to stand up amidst the storm. 
Going through difficult times turned me into pieces. The process itself is very heart breaking. But life is simply like that - some good times and some bad times. However bad times are not after all tragical. Yes, it's indeed hurtful. But it gives me the chance to grow and become a better person, to know and appreciate my true friends, to deepen my love to my loved ones and more importantly to feel God's love and comfort. It is in these difficult times that His words comfort one's frail heart.

So I still thank God for these stormy days and for giving me people who stood by me in these difficult times. Much love to all of you from me. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amazing Technology!

I'm not the techy type of person but I do have some gadgets with me. I have my iPhone3GS and iPod 4th generation (my recent purchase). So this morning, I was in the mood to browse for apps from apple store. In addition to my ym, skype, FB and the like, I added pingchat and some games. Then I stumbled blogger plus. Cool! So here I am, blogging this one in my iPhone! How cool is that huh? :-) Though not as smooth as blogging in my mac lappy, but I can get by to this for my short blogs. :-) Bravo to the inventors of these but thank mor e to Him for giving the knowledge to the geniuses who made these possible. Have a blessed Saturday everyone!

Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Definitely Blessed

I THANK GOD from the bottom of my heart for all these blessings!

These few weeks that had passed, I had been complaining and whining about pretty much everything. Rough stormy days, arrrggh! I had several cycles of why is that, why is this, endless grizzles indeed! Unlucky for the person I often talked to, he received all of my complains to everything. (Oh I'm sorry and thank you very much for bearing with me when I'm not of my very self! much love for you! :-)) So there I was, like a restless being, eyes focused on the shortcomings of others and the inauspicious of life,  and it lasted for weeks. Until I came to realize, hey, life is made to be beautiful, and everything is made for the good of man, what am I complaining about?

So I said to myself, You're in no worst situation. First, you're the one in good health. Unlike the patients you got to see who are suffering pains and discomfort, fears and worries for their lives.  Second, you're able to not just eat three times a day with snacks, you can eat anything your heart's desire. Unlike others, they can't even afford to have the basic meal of the day. Third, with the generosity of Kuya, you have a decent home to rest whenever you're tired or feel like resting. Unlike the beggars taking their rest in the cold street. These are not all, you could take time to have fun from time to time, when work is not too loaded.  You have the means to make your life comfortable. Not extravagantly comfortable like the filthy rich, but very much contentedly comfortable. So stop being grouchy! Yes I know, I have no right to complain but be thankful instead. 

So in a snap, I refocused, and realized how blessed I am. I am loved by my family, my Uncle Chuck, my friends and the people I'm with everyday. They love and care for me unconditionally. They never stop understanding my shortcomings and each day they made me feel I'm dearly loved. (with all honesty I'm teary eyed already while writing this). THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR LOVING ME! 

Friday, October 8, 2010


I was forced into a circumstance wherein I have ample time to contemplate, and weigh things out. (in other words, room arrest!) So here I am, in my profound self (hahaha!) realized, and being thankful of, seriously grateful of the simple things in life. Here are some of the simple joys that I am very much grateful of (thanks be to God!)

1. Time alone. I love it when after so much chaos around me, I found myself alone.  There's this palpable calmness in an empty room that gives me peace and joy. Don't get me wrong, I love to be surrounded with friends and the people I care and love, it's just that I need some alone time every now and then.

2. Books. A million thanks to all the brilliant authors and writers, publishing companies, bookstores and people in between, who made all these books that I devoured possible! Gosh, I couldn't imagine what my life would have been without books to get by those lonely days or free time that I had. Reading is a definite sunshine to me when I feel wilted.

3. Smile. A smile from loved ones, housemates, kids or even from strangers, unquestionably brings joy to life. Thank you to every smile I received each day cause it eases the daily burdens in me. 

This list would go on and on...and it just proves that we have endless reasons to rejoice and be thankful to our Lord for the enormous blessings He has given unto us.  Stop complaining and whining. Life is made to be beautiful. It's up to us to appreciate it. Be grateful.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Listen, Oh Please Just Listen...

Communication is the key, as cliche as it may sound, but it's true. It holds true to parent-child, sibling-sibling, cousin-cousin, friend-friend, special someone-special someone, boss-employee, doctor-patient and to all types of relationship for that matter. Communication is not just about verbally talking, arguing or throwing defamation to  someone. Connecting to other people can be done through a caress from someone who cares, a look from somebody who adores, a smile from the one who cheers up, and in this techie genre, a text,  a tweet,  a blog, a chat or  an mail. A thousand ways to convey a message. Nth ways to bring sunshine to someone. But oftentimes we fail to connect, and misunderstanding became an everyday plate to all. We fall short to the end side of communication - LISTENING. It would be easy for some to just jump to a conclusion, give opinion to something, and do the blah blah, forgetting to listen of why that circumstance came around. To listen of how that 'something' did affect that person. Because sometimes, there are such junctures in life that all you need is just somebody to listen to your plaintive whines and grizzles. You just need to let go of what's inside - may it be loneliness, worries or angst or happiness. That other person needs to do nothing but listen. Just listen... and later empathize.

What a wonderful life should've been, if everyone communicates, and listens and understands... 

Friday, October 1, 2010

The VOice

It has been a year or two since I had my greatest trial (yes greatest so far, and please not again :-S) in life. Oh i don't want to elaborate here on what it was that I went through cause I don't want to reminisce the not so good memories, but just a hint, it was the greatest test for me. I really had the toughest time then. Darn, at that time, it seemed like nothing could uplift me. I was way too low to be cheered up. Though my very supportive friends were there all through out my ordeal, and I'm forever grateful -- I tried all means to crawl away from that rotten pit. Spas, dining in to nice restaurants, nail posh, bookstores, tv, DVD series, everything and anything just to glimpse the sunshine, I did yet futile. 

In one of my lamentable nights, I was unmindfully fiddling my itunes, and like the great heaven landed on my lap, I found solace to this one great soothing voice. A singing voice that was so consoling to me at that time. I didn't  know who the singer was, and I didn't mind. As long as his song pacified me, and somehow eased the pains and the hurt, I was fine. I got by the days crying til it was impossible for me to cry for more, and listened to this particular song all over again until I rested. I'd been months of monotonous painful struggle that the only solace was his song, his voice. There was something in his singing voice that when I closed my eyes as I listened to him, a certain hint of high rushed into me. And it was very very soothing. His songs, played again and again all through out the day til I sleep,  drove away the nightmare and patched my broken heart somehow. 

In one of the activities that I was in, I happened to talk to someone, for a reason I could not recall anymore, and our conversation ended up to him sharing his composition of songs. Me, being the type of person who does appreciate original music, and amazed by somebody who could make music, I put his songs into my itunes. Lo and behold! he was the one I was listening to for months already! He was the one! Since then, he became very special to me, and am forever grateful of him. In my heart I know he is a gift from Above, given to me in the darkest time of my life - a voice that became my sunshine and forever will be... 

He is celebrating his birthday, and the reason that I blog this, is to let him know that I am forever grateful of him and his songs, and to let others know that in the darkest, most painful ordeal that we are facing, God provides solace thru friends and loved ones or even thru a voice from a stranger. We'll just open our hearts of His grace for He won't give us something that we can't endure... God is always there for you and me, at all times.