Friday, January 14, 2011

Hyperacidity Attack!

I'm feeling under the weather since this afternoon. :-( Yes, doctors do get sick, nobody is exempted to that. It's as nasty as anyone who's feeling sick. I ate past noon and way too much that hyperacidity kicked in ending myself feeling some pebbles stuck down my throat. It's too much acid in my stomach that refluxed into my esophagus caused the lumpiness. I hate it. I've discomfort swallowing my own saliva, much more eating something solid. But I have to have 'small but frequent' intake of food otherwise it will get worse, which I don't want to happen. Aaarrgh. I took Prevacid FDT with warm water to lessen the acidity. It's at this time that I've fully regretted why I didn't do the things I should've done to avoid hyperacidity attacks :-( Next time, I promise :-) I will eat my meals on time with proper amount. Stop being a pig! Avoid spicy (great sacrifice coz I love spices), fatty (not a problem coz I'm not a fan of fats), anything with caffeine (have to lessen my tea, rather will get the decaf ones),  processed (I'm working on this one) foods. Take more alkaline foods such as cucumber, cabbage, singkamas, watermelon among others. And gulp liters of water. Have to make this blog short because I have to eat 2-3 hours prior to sleeping time to avoid further stomach reflux. 

Take care everyone. Let's not take for granted our own health. 

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