Monday, January 17, 2011

Wardrobe Blog: Casual Party

Last night I attended UNTV's 2011 kick off rally. I would just like to show here what I wore. It's not a big deal, I'm telling you, dear readers. But just the same, it's part to any woman's life to make wardrobe a heck-of-a-deal. Right ladies? LOL. So, pardon me for blurting it out here. :-)

My wardrobe preference is always modest apparel. Always. I'm not comfortable showing off too much skin. That's why you won't see me wearing sleeveless nor mini skirts/shorts. I don't like revealing clothes at all. Some may typified me as 'manang' or my fashion sense may be so outdated, but I don't mind at all, as long as I look decently modest. That's my style. 

So last night, I pulled out my AlsieJ blue denim skirt that I bought 50 % off post Xmas sale. What a steal to purchase something nice in a discounted price. See the lovely ribbon tie on my waist? Very girly. The fabric where it was made of is so soft that it became my ultimate favorite. :-) 

 I paired it with my floral blouse. Everyone who attended the party must wore something green. The leaves of the flowers in my blouse were green. So there went my way of wearing something green! LOL
    Hahaha, seriously taking photos guys for you to see. :-)) The green leaves weren't so obvious in this photo. :-) And look at my butterfly sling bag! Cuteness. :-)

I opted to wear my brown/blue sandals, which I got 30% off the price also.  I love to wear flat shoes and sandals. That's my daily footwear, all flats.

And lastly, wore a so last-minute purchased headband. Very pretty. Love to wear headbands with my braids.
Oh there's my iphone 4 that came in handy that night. 

Dressing up is an expression of yourself. It does not require expensive clothes all the time. The clothes you wear may cost a penny or hundred bucks, it doesn't matter as long as you're comfortable wearing it, and for me, it's a must for it to be modest. 

How's your casual wardrobe look like?  

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  1. Nice! Gwapa gihapon bisan unsaon Ning :) Good to see you again now with Butterflies naman hehehe.