Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reveal: Butterflies... Not In My Stomach

Butterflies have special place in my heart (other than my ultimate obsession, Mickey Mouse. :-) I never outgrown Mickey, only him, not Minnie or other disney characters).  I like butterflies very much. Who doesn't adore these colorful, serene, day flying insects? Such a lovely sight to see it kissing every stunning flower in a garden. The metamorphosis adds more fascination to its existence.

                                        Monarch Butterfly, photograph by Hope Ryden of Nat Geo

Not so surprising that few of my favorite things has butterfly on it. And this morning, I had a quick trip to the mall and found this absolute cuteness sling bag from Guess. Lovely! of course the main character is the day-flying insect in subtle pink/brown color  :-)  Here it is : 
Isn't it cute? :-) pardon for the bad photo. Yours truly is still learning how to take good photos :-) Just snapped that picture using my iphone 4. I'll be using her later in UNTV's kick-off party. :-)) 

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