Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reveal: What A Pleasant Surprise...

Yesterday, while doing my usual daily tasks, I was caught by surprise when a small box was delivered to me. Seeing the box labeled with amazon.com, my heart palpitated not by excitement but by worries that I might have accidentally purchased something from amazon.com without knowing it. And that my next credit bill will include an item that I didn't intend to buy. I made sure twice if it was really for me. My name had it, so it was undoubtedly for me.  I hurriedly opened the box, the receipt indicated electronics. Oh my, the random peso signs or rather $$$ were chaotically running in my head! Did I accidentally buy an electronics? oh my, that would be an expensive mistake! Look here, I forgot to take a photo of the box, or sort of document the 'unboxing' because I was anxious, very anxious. What a huge sigh of relief, when I checked the receipt, looked right away on the Billing Address, it was not billed to me. Big grin this time. :-D PHEW!

When the 'thing' was finally out of the box, my heart melted...

It's amazon kindle reading device, with wifi+ 3G, that I've been dreaming to have since last year! Hundreds of books in this sleek gadget. The bookworm in me can't be more than happy. Wonderful surprise from my very dear Uncle Chuck. Thank you very, very much Uncle Chuck! I love you. 

And the very first book that I downloaded was of course, something to my new found hobby, Perfect Digital Photography. :-)

And for anyone interested on kindle, here's a link for an extensive review of the product.

I have to cut this blog short because I want to explore more on my kindle. Lovely day indeed! :-))

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