Thursday, January 20, 2011

Strike Even When The Iron Is Already Warm

These past few days, I've been juggling things, reading, learning, writing, and taking care of sick babies as well as adults. Busy days indeed, and I'm loving it. I am used to fast pace life. When I was still a student, I used to volunteer charity projects outside school,  to add up my already hectic student schedule. On top of my school projects, to-read and to-learn lessons, I wouldn't mind helping charitable activities. Not to mention, spending time with friends and loved ones. I hate idle moments and unproductive days ever since. I would be more satisfied and contented knowing that I've done something significant to each day.

I'm way far from super hero, but in my small world, I'm trying to make use of my time to do something productive. May it be reading to gain more knowledge, acquiring new experiences of pretty much all sorts, watching tv programs that I could learn something from, though not so much, because I am I'd-rather-read-than-watch type of person.  Any useful activities, count me in.

I remember my internship days, when we were pushed to our limits, literally dead tired that I wouldn't mind anything at all but to sleep after duty days. For good two years, I became antisocial simply because I'd rather hit my bed than went out with friends most of the time. We usually incorporated our leisure time while at work.
Above were my Sodis groupmates. We were doing research at UP Diliman for our Preventive Med paper. We dined in at UP's Chocolate Kiss Cafe, sort of group bonding while at work. 

If time won't allow us to dine in, we made some fun while on duty. Simple pleasures to get by the heavy workload. 

Now that I'm working, those days of 'not worrying for moolah cause there will be an allowance that kept coming monthly' were so over, I have to get going to survive. Utilizing every minute in a day to be productive. I learned not to strike only while the iron is hot,.. I have to strike even when it's already warm. Life. is. hard, but. beautiful. :-)

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