Monday, January 10, 2011

Reveal: Click! Click! Click!... My Nikon D60

Yes, my newest baby is here! My Nikon D60.

In my previous blog I aired my desire to beautify this blog for it to be more interesting to read. So, in an impulse, got myself a second hand yet in very good condition (hopefully it wont fail me in the next few days) through my friend Sahlee aka Datgirl.  Had a handful of time pondering what to get, but with few knowledge about cameras, I trusted my friend's recommendation, since she's into photography right now, and the deal she was able to find fitted my budget.

With no further ado, here it is... (giddy :-))

And this is Datgirl testing the toy if it's in good condition. Approve girl?

Thanks so much for carrying it with great care. I'm blessed to have such a friend.

Thank you as well to my friend's gentleman, who's too nice to help out in scrutinizing my toy. :-)

Here is Datgirl's camera, twinned with mine...

And anyone wants to see on my very first try?... photography lesson so badly needed :-p

Pardon for my despicable look, I was sick and too lazy to even just comb my hair!

And here are few more testing... to click is too addicting, oh my! :-)

                                                   oppps, bllluurrrr!
 hmmmm, too yellow? well, well, got to practice more :-)

So folks, let me just get the hang of this new toy, and let the colorful journey begins :-)


  1. hahaha! nice nice girl! practice makes you perfect. balang araw sayo na ko magpapaturo! mas masipag kang magbasa e. ako sa una lang pero mamaya tulog. LOL! ang ginagawa ko lang kinakalikot ko lang cam ko nakikinig sa nagtuturo ano gagawin then apply.

    yeeeeehiiii kilig much ako for you!

    Goodluck sa New baby mo!

  2. a very nice start ate jha.. :) super lucky you!! :)

  3. Nice toy! D60 is a pretty good camera, had it for 2yrs and it served me well, got some of my best pics using D60.

    Practice ra na, then basa2x unja practice, di lang hibaw-an then maajo na ka ana. Ako tan-aw imo ganahan tingali or imo masteron is ang "Street Photography" very challenging yet rewarding, in other words Street Photography is like documenting life itself.

    It will be easy for you kay you spend more time with different people, anywhere and anytime which gives you that opportunity to see those moments and tell their stories thru your photos.

    Click! Click! CLick!

  4. Nikon D60 is actually a pretty good camera, I used that for 2yrs and it served me well, some of my best photos were taken using that camera with its kit lens.

    Praktis2x lang na sja, read apply and praktis, pohon ma-master na na nimo.

    Just keep on shooting! :)

  5. Nalingaw ko ani nga entry, kay naa kay sense of humor adding the blur shot and I quote "oppps, bllluurrrr! made me smile really.

    Keep it up Dok