Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Definitely Blessed

I THANK GOD from the bottom of my heart for all these blessings!

These few weeks that had passed, I had been complaining and whining about pretty much everything. Rough stormy days, arrrggh! I had several cycles of why is that, why is this, endless grizzles indeed! Unlucky for the person I often talked to, he received all of my complains to everything. (Oh I'm sorry and thank you very much for bearing with me when I'm not of my very self! much love for you! :-)) So there I was, like a restless being, eyes focused on the shortcomings of others and the inauspicious of life,  and it lasted for weeks. Until I came to realize, hey, life is made to be beautiful, and everything is made for the good of man, what am I complaining about?

So I said to myself, You're in no worst situation. First, you're the one in good health. Unlike the patients you got to see who are suffering pains and discomfort, fears and worries for their lives.  Second, you're able to not just eat three times a day with snacks, you can eat anything your heart's desire. Unlike others, they can't even afford to have the basic meal of the day. Third, with the generosity of Kuya, you have a decent home to rest whenever you're tired or feel like resting. Unlike the beggars taking their rest in the cold street. These are not all, you could take time to have fun from time to time, when work is not too loaded.  You have the means to make your life comfortable. Not extravagantly comfortable like the filthy rich, but very much contentedly comfortable. So stop being grouchy! Yes I know, I have no right to complain but be thankful instead. 

So in a snap, I refocused, and realized how blessed I am. I am loved by my family, my Uncle Chuck, my friends and the people I'm with everyday. They love and care for me unconditionally. They never stop understanding my shortcomings and each day they made me feel I'm dearly loved. (with all honesty I'm teary eyed already while writing this). THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR LOVING ME! 


  1. I read this on a Pfizer calendar (alam mo yun, yung mga pinamimigay ng mga med rep):
    "Remember; happiness doesn't depend on who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think." -- Dale Carnegie

    During the times that we feel that external waves are pushing us from every side, we must remember that the person who has full control over our lives is us and the true essence of who we are. So we should let our true selves take the reigns.

    Alam mo sa totoo lang, it's so hard to live this concept despite believing in it. But someday, I'll get there:)

    Miss ya dear!

  2. wow Bodge, "let our true selves take the reigns"... i like it! miss you too :-)