Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stormy Days

There are times in our lives, when even how much we tried to sail smoothly, inevitably there were waves and rough roads along the way. Those unintentional, unexpected oh-so-not-good times that saddened you beyond words. Sigh. How I wish these difficult circumstances never came. But that couldn't be. Humans are bound to commit mistakes and being judged. How my heart breaks when so many things, untrue or partly misunderstood, have been said. Human instinct is to defend yourself, hide in your comfort zone or doze away from the nerve wracking misfortune. But you can't just defend yourself or go away from problems. Life is not at all easy. You have to face and stand firm on stormy days. So here I am, almost got drowned from life's crooked trail, but with God's help and mercy, barely managed to stand up amidst the storm. 
Going through difficult times turned me into pieces. The process itself is very heart breaking. But life is simply like that - some good times and some bad times. However bad times are not after all tragical. Yes, it's indeed hurtful. But it gives me the chance to grow and become a better person, to know and appreciate my true friends, to deepen my love to my loved ones and more importantly to feel God's love and comfort. It is in these difficult times that His words comfort one's frail heart.

So I still thank God for these stormy days and for giving me people who stood by me in these difficult times. Much love to all of you from me. 

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