Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yearly Overhaul

I went to The Medical City for the yearly executive check-up of one of my patients. I strongly recommend yearly overhaul to all my patients aging 35years old and above. I couldn't emphasize more how extremely important for everyone to have yearly executive up. There are diseases such as cancer that can be cured with early detection. And the only way to treat such diseases is to catch it early by way of  having yearly check up. Health should never be taken for granted. Never.

I personally recommend The Medical City to my patients because they have extensive executive check-up packages, have one of the best patient care services and is the cleanest hospital, that when you're inside, you won't feel like you are in a hospital. You know what I mean? There's no nasty distinct hospital smell, broken chairs and rusty ceilings or messy nurse stations. And you can't encounter irritable staff. Everyone is very accommodating. At least based on my experience so far. Look at the lobby in their Wellness Center, very hotel-like. Nice.

How organized the extraction set, right?

And competent staff as well.

So while my patient was in a procedure, I stayed at their Wellness Center lounge and this was my view:

And you will be greeted with this garden at the lobby:

And oh, how I cannot not miss to show you a painting in one of the doctor's clinic that we visited:

I was drawn to this painting. It's very modest, very artistically lady-like that somehow I could identify myself with it.

I wish every hospital will be as clean and comforting and medical staff as accommodating and friendly as TMC.

And if you are 35 years old and above, and not have executive check-up yet, PLEASE do it this year. You only have one precious body. No one will take care of it but you. Stay healthy. :-)

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  1. Doc jha how much is the executive checkup fee?