Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monkey Business

What are you suppose to do if you learned that somebody spread ill words about you? Or make untrue stories about you as their daily dessert to every meal? Sigh. Would you rush to confront, or would you rather keep quite? I'd rather keep quite, shrug my shoulders and will just say "have fun guys!" :-)

Gossiping seems to be a daily monkey business to some. I cannot fathom their enjoyment of talking the lives of other people. It's  a ton waste of time to be nosy. What good thing can you get from it? Especially if the stories being told were untrue, and the person you were talking about had nothing to do with your own lives. 

To spread demeaning stories at this time is quite easy. YM, twitter, FB, text, emails, among others have been converted to high tech grape vine. I simply could NOT understand someone you deal with everyday would recklessly use technology to talk at your back, mindlessly airing their unfounded complaints about you to the wrong authority, yet when he/she needs something from you became the nicest people in the world. Arrrrggghhh HYPOCRITE! Breath in, breath out... okay. :-)

So here is my thought: I would never stoop to that [gossiping] level.  I would never find myself enjoying talking other people's lives especially if I have nothing to do with that person. It is pathetic. Besides, a well-mannered individuals would rather talk the good side of a person. Gossiping is a low form of envy.  Gossipmonger will tittle-tattle the lives of the people whom they are envious. Thus,  victims of these gossipers must be doing something good for these people to go green with envy. So why bother, right? I'd rather spend my time to something worthwhile. 

Let us mind our own business people!

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  1. Dok, chilax! :) Breath in and breath out, take a photo hehehe.

    Well your blog is one way of airing such annoyance and frustrations not only what happened today but about your life it may be the present or the past, and people like us will understand as we all undergo such experiences.