Saturday, January 29, 2011

Juice Up Your Life 101: Chug! Chug! Chug!

         Are you a soda type of person, a juice type of person, a water type of person or a coffee or tea type of person? I was once a coffee addict.
                                                  photo taken from samraff's photobucket

I consumed 3-5 glasses of coffee in a day. It kept me awake, yes, but I had my frequent attacked of hyperacidity in addition to the nasty 'hang-over' feeling few hours after. Then I changed to teas.
                                              photo taken from google image

I'm more comfortable drinking tea, and until now, if I need to be alert, I chug a cup. I especially love mancha green tea with soy milk. But because teas are diuretics, I don't feel vitalize after drinking one.

Then I learned the goodness of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.
                                                    photo taken from google image

Every glass of juice is refreshing, in a way that colas and other high paid ad drinks can never do. Aside from its yummy taste, it's packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals. All needed to revitalize your body. A drink with good taste packed with nutrients, who wouldn't drink, right? 

The juice that I'm talking here is not the concentrated ones available in supermarkets, or the falsely claimed "all-natural' juices commercially packed. How can a juice be fresh and natural when it's already packed? I'm talking about the juice that is freshly made. Yes, the ones you made in your home. 

In my next blog, I will talk about what juicer to get to have 24/7 juice bar right at the comfort of your kitchen. :-)

If you have inquiries, just leave a comment, and I'll try to cover them in my succeeding blogs. :-)

Cheers! :-)



  1. Nice Blog Doc! Request ko po yung Juice para pampagising. Para ma lessen ko na pagcoffee :( or mawala na rin.

  2. After the juicer blog, I will blog juices that will keep you energize and wide awake :-) Thanks for following. :-)

  3. Doc juices for kids din kung pwede.. :-)