Friday, January 28, 2011

Good Bye My UNP

That's my dependable UNP, well at least until today. :-( I can't help but being emotional of letting go my very first owned car. So pardon me for being soppy. I am having separation anxiety! He was my ever loyal companion to my every adventure. Most of my joy rides to memorable places were with him. Places such as Tagaytay, Baguio, even all the way to Ilocos, he never failed me. He even provided a dressing room whenever I needed to change. The trunk was my clothing cabinet slash bookshelf when I was a student. During internship I used to sleep inside my UNP when I needed a nap. He was the lucky car too. I drove him when I took my board exam and when we went out to celebrate after passing the boards. He served his purpose very well for all these times except lately, when he become a financial burden for its maintenance. :-( That made me come up a hurtful decision to sell him. This car is very sentimental to me. I guess this time, I have to let him go :-( But memories of him will surely be treasured. 

Good bye my UNP!