Monday, December 13, 2010

A Blog From Ipad

Yes, the title of this blog just goes that way, as straight forward as it can be. I have to document this day when I received my iPad 32 GB 3GS because I want to reminisce in the future Godwilling, how technology went at this time. I know this will be obselete in few years time, and i wonder what brilliant gadgets will be coming out in the future? It would be an improved, more 'high-tech' toy I reckon. There will be an iPad with videeocamera coming out very soon, I know. But for now, I am very well contented of my iPad. I waited for more than two weeks for it to arrive. It was bought in the US and the person who hand carried it arrived just today, two weeks after it was bought. Oh the agony of waiting, arrrg! I'm absolutely very bad when it comes to waiting, but I was forced to. Nevertheless, when it arrived I was definitely ecstatic! The smell of a new gadget, soooo addicting! So here I am, swiping, playing, tweeting, blogging using my iPad, and so far so good. Together with my macbook pro and iphone 4, Thanks be to God for these and for the love of my Uncle Chuck. :-))

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