Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Juice Up You Life 101: Orange Juice

Orange-pineapple juice

Orange is a perfect match of pineapple juice. The sweetness of pineapples and the sour-sweet zest of oranges blend well to make a refreshing drink. Each juice is equally good when drink pure. But if you want a variation of your daily orange juice, you may add pineapple juice. I usually drink this juice 3 hours after a heavy meal.

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The enzymes from pineapples help digest food. If you need to boost your daily fiber intake, it is best eaten raw. I tried grilled pineapple and it tasted so good.
grilled pineapple... yummy!

Pineapples contain vitamins A, C, calcium, phosphorus, trace minerals and carbohydrates. It contains the enzyme bromelain, that helps digest proteins and prevents blood clot. A perfect juice for meat eaters and people who has high blood pressures. However, because it is acidic, I recommend to not drink this juice with an empty stomach.

Oranges aside from its Vitamin C source, they provide vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and flavanoids. It has antioxidant that helps boost our immune system.

Make this juice a 3 hours after meal habit. Do not drink it right after eating meal though, to avoid putrefaction.


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  1. wow!!! more to come girl! ta-try ko yang grilled pine apple someday pag pede na ko mag grilled na walang sisita sakin kasi nasa sarili akong bakuran :))