Saturday, January 8, 2011

To Beautify...

       I've been swamped with good-read blogs lately. I was greatly entertained and hooked of those that had pictures in it. Light bulb pop up saying, why not beautify my blog with pictures of vivid, hypnotizing colors and hues? Then reality bites me, how can it be? First, I don't own any camera at this moment. My old but reliable canon ixus (which is by the way my very first cam) was graciously handed down to my niece Roxanne, which they fondly use. You know how girls nowadays update pictures in FB. Second, I have zero knowledge of photography, in any manner! Aperture, depth of field, lens, shutter are all jargons to me. Let me enumerate the human anatomy (o yeah, as if I can still remember those nerves and blood vessels! :-p) rather than the parts of camera. Third, I myself considered to have not given an artistic side, I'm just plain black and white. Oopps, except for some combinations of clothes, bag and shoes. That pretty ends my 'art' knowledge. 

      But what about beautifying this blog? 

     So I tweeted my good friend @iDatgirl. She's into photography right now. So nice to have talented and artistic friends. They come in handy when you needed some enlightenment. Thanks girl!

    So, expect more colors to this blog soon, naaahh maybe not too soon. :-( Got to find first that perfect camera that fits to my super tight budget. Unless, someone would like to lend me his/her camera, or better buy one for me. Donors are very much welcome at this time! Hehe. 


  1. Hi,

    You can start with an entry level SLR, try to look for a Nikon D60 (if its still available, this should be cheaper now) if not then go for a Nikon D3000, it should serve you well based on experience.

    I recommend Nikon because of this line you made in your blog "Light bulb pop up saying, why not beautify my blog with pictures of vivid, hypnotizing colors and hues?" Nikon will really give you that vivid and stunning colors of your photos.

    If you are in a tight budget then you can go for a sony cyber-shot or Nikon Digi cams as well, but if I were you go the extra thousands for the SLR and you will never regret how great the photos will be and later you will learn its other features as well.

  2. Hello! I'm thrilled that someone tech-savvy left a comment on my blog. Hope you revealed yourself (so I could ask tips from you :-)) I got myself nikon D60. I'm very happy to read your comment, knowing that I did buy the right camera for me. :-) Thank you so much, and cheers to a more colorful blog in 2011! :-)

  3. Hi Ja!

    I have provided tips already in your other posts namely majormiles /tryingtowrite.

    Nikon is the still the best when it comes to colorful photos, that is just how the way nikon processes images, specially if you take jpeg formats as Nikon camera has this edge in making very stunning and vivid colors when processing images from the camera.

    My photographer buddies using Canon admits the difference, Bravo Nikon!

    When taking photos you can use and play with your White Balance, also if you want photos to be vivid, set it to vivid mode, it will look pretty good with Butterflies or like taking photo of a garden, for sunsets you can use the cloudy white balance as this will even saturate more the color giving a golden look of the sun, if you want the image in front of that sunset to be like the "walang kamatayan na silhouette, then you can have your aperture with a bigger value, so that it will be black showing only the form of the subject.


    The bigger number with aperture the smaller the opening, so the smaller the light that goes into your camera, magiging dark ang image result, if the aperture value is smaller the bigger the opening sya, the more light goes into the camera.

    Note also the shutter speed as this is the tool that holds how big/huge the light goes into the camera, so the bigger the number the faster the shutter speed, then the smaller the light that goes thru, and vice versa.

    I could go further if you want me to or just simply ask, will check your blog from time to time and provide what I know, I may not be the best but I will try to share what I know the best and simplest way I can.

  4. Wow, thank you very very much for the tips. I really appreciate it. :-)