Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free as a Bird

What a big sigh of relief! That's what I'm exactly feeling at this moment that I'm writing this very first blog ever of mine. It's been years that I'm wanting to do this. But for some reason, that I can't point out now, I didn't have enough courage and strength to do it before. But deep in me, there's always the desire to write my thoughts, contemplations, angst, happiness, loneliness or anything that life has brought... even just the sweet nothing moments I'd like to share...

I very much enjoy reading blogs and tweets from the people I look up to, from vegan blogs to fashion blogs, to friend's blogs to celebrities' blogs. It inspires me to look at life at a positive perspective. It broadens my knowledge on how to live a healthy happy life and it gives me an idea that I'm not alone to any ordeal that I'm facing or have to face. It liberates me in a way.

I hope that my blog will do the same to anyone who visits my site...

God bless!

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